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Does ExpressVPN store logs?

ExpressVPN does not collect known logs for the service. Some contact files are stored, including contact dates and selection options, but no full IP addresses or online records are available. All information is collected by the ExpressVPN server as follows:

We spoke to Harold Li VP of ExpressVPN about the data security VPN, and he told us this:

. "We do not collect or store sexually explicit data. You may also request the removal of data at any time in accordance with your GDPR rights."

Unfortunately, we do not know exactly how long this data will be stored, but more importantly it can not be used to inform you or what you do online.

What you see clearly is that you used the ExpressVPN service. It is completely unknown and is as close to zero as you can get.

A report by the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) in 2018 asked more about ExpressVPN, saying it was "difficult to compromise" its servers and "limited data available." Vita. "It was.

The ExpressVPN reading law was also tested in December 2017. Meanwhile, one of the VPN services was seized by Turkish authorities and investigated the murder of Russian spy Andrei Karlov. The reviewer did not find any customer links.

It is clear that ExpressVPN is a company that respects user privacy. This means that ExpressVPN can be strongly recommended for anyone wishing to use a VPN to keep their anonymous name. In short, your privacy is guaranteed with ExpressVPN.

Who owns ExpressVPN?
Best known for owning ExpressVPN. The company behind the VPN service has carefully chosen to keep it to protect itself and its users.

ExpressVPN was established in ExpressVPN black friday deals 2009 and is known to operate Express Express International Ltd., in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). It is far from tolerating the 14-eye.

The country has complete control over the rules of personal data, making BVI the perfect website for companies with VPN licenses. This means that you cannot force a government or foreign agency to provide information to ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN International Ltd. only in the BVI to benefit from the areas provided by law. In fact, ExpressVPN is a large global office company.

We are in constant contact with company employees to learn more about how it works. I also spoke often with Vice President Haroldley.

We hope ExpressVPN provides more information about this, but we also understand that privacy practices help maintain strong and secure VPN services. This is the reason why the practice continues in China, and the company has not yet responded to requests for dollars from the government or the authorities.